DBS teachers welcome students back to school, aiming to empower students to identify their passions and explore their options during their school years, to prepare them fully for the future.


DBS Denla British School, an international school on the Ratchapreuk road with the same model-curriculum as British independent schools, opened its first term of the 2020-21 academic year with more than 400 students and more than 60 teachers, mainly from the UK. Students will be taught within the DBS Enhanced British Curriculum framework, where they will be able to discover their interests and passions at a young age through various lessons and activities at school. 

“Excellent teachers go the extra mile to fully support children during their school years, and inspire them for the rest of their lives,” Mark McVeigh, the DBS Principal, said while talking about how DBS exclusively recruited their teaching staff from the UK. “We have recruited teachers on the basis of their impressively positive attitude, great qualifications and extensive experience in the British education system.They have vital roles to play in laying strong educational foundations for the children, caring for, and inspiring them to reach their full potential and to find their purpose in life.”

DBS is currently accepting applications for students from Pre-EY to Y10 level (equivalent to 2 – 14 years old), with scholarship opportunities starting from Year 3 (equivalent to 7 years old) upwards. For more information, please call 02-666-1933, or email admissions@dbsbangkok.ac.th.